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Fashion backdrop session | keeping studio sharp | Anjeanette Illustration Seniors

Goofy and fun loving as spontaneity journalistic natural light photography is-and I obviously adore it- I am also a long time fan of stylish, classic, painted backdrops and the elegance of famed photographers Lebowitz and Emily Soto. That's why I never can have just one type of lighting- I want em all! Natty and gritty to flash and poised, the more lighting styles one is comfortable with the more opportunities to play and get exactly the look you want. While my simple backdrops are certainly no Oliphants, I love creating them so I can learn more and playing with studio style strobe lighting at home! Thankfully my daughter indulged my Christmas vacation set up with her favorite outfits and her prized vintage marching band shako. Photographers kids y'all, enduring the well documented life to say the least!

Softbox, Calument 400 @ level 10, Sigma 85mm 1.4 at 2.5, 1/160, iso100. About 5 feet from backdrop?

Shutter drag! While I LOVE Photoshop as well as my 5DM3 in camera Double exposures- this ain't either of those. Check out Ben Sasso lighting tips for how to play with this technique!

Ah, so glad she still puts up with me!

Happy sweet sixteen to my favorite girl!

Class of 2017 Highlight Slideshow | Hendersonville & Nashville Tn Senior Phortraits | Anjeanette Illustration Artistic Photographer

Class of 2017 highlight video is published! I am still hard at work getting blog posts of all of my 2017 seniors, but feast your eyes on these gorgeous people while ya wait.

Cannot wait for Spring Prom photos and more fantastic seniors- book NOW Class of 2018 because yes, spots are filling up!  :)

Look at these amazing people poised to take over the world!


Nashville Musician | Senior Phortraits of Blake Thompson | High school Guitar Hero

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